5 interior design trends that will disappear this year, and 6 you will see everywhere

Industry professionals talked about the fading and emerging interior design trends for 2022.

Newest information says that exposed shelving and open-floor plans will soon be the thing of the past as they are currently decreasing in popularity. Nature-inspired looks, floral prints, and black accents are on the rise.

Let’s start then with open floor plans that once soared in popularity in the interior design world.

With the pandemic that is still an ongoing occurrence, people learned the hard way that perhaps the kitchen, home office, dining area, great room, and living room should not all be the same. Eventually, a lack of privacy leads to a lack of functionality. Those who have open spaces may look to find ways to add separation with wall dividers or other forms that will improve privacy,

Fast furniture will be less of a craze

According to the experts we’ll be seeing less fast furniture in the coming years, especially now that we see daily multifunctional use of our rooms. For the sake of longevity, clients are now opting for better pieces that have a greater purpose beyond quality for the sake of longevity.

No more open shelving

The major moment that open shelving had might be coming to an end. It just doesn’t work and ends up looking cluttered and messy, not to mention the lack of storage capacity of cabinets. What will most certainly pave the way this year is a combination of upper cabinets and decorative shelving.

Exposed kitchen hoods are no longer it

As you are maybe aware the beautiful and stylish kitchen hoods have become a staple in many kitchens, but their appearance will continue to disappear in 2022 as residents opt for the cleaner and concealed look. The return to low profile and flush with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry will be it.

Gray is nearing its end of popularity

When it comes to colors, neutrals like white, beige, and gray have been popular colors throughout the homes, though Gray seems to be phasing out the quickest. Popularity lifelines of color schemes are about a decade and even though gray color schemes are popular they are to be replaced with more bold and dramatic colors for cabinets and backsplashes this year.

Floral elements are about to have a major moment

Right now, florals are taking center stage in many different forms, certainly in wallpaper. Floral motifs are even showing up more and more on fabrics which can be correlated to people seeking joy, and nothing delivers so readily as flowers, color, and pattern.

Black accents will soar in popularity

Thinking of smaller home details, we can expect black to make a breakthrough. Black window frames, trim, doors, cabinet hardware, faucets, and door frames will match many other colors and is sleek and modern-looking.

Round shapes are becoming a hot choice

Different shapes contribute to different themes and vibes, rounded, organic shapes add softness to a design and give a space a more soothing ambiance

Nature-inspired interiors may become the norm

By embracing the outdoor living lifestyle, the simplest approach seen is by using more shades of green in-home décor, either with paint or fabrics. Flora and fauna patterned fabrics are gaining popularity, you could enhance the trend with natural materials and live plants.

Wallpaper is still having its moment

Find just about any color any style of wallpaper for your home, the perfect way of decorating your walls without permanently committing to anything. The increase in popularity of wallpaper is going to continue and it is not only driven by the fact that it is a natural and eco-friendly material but that it complements almost any design style.

Green is the hot new color for 2022

Color palettes are an essential part of interior design and there is one that’s gaining steam. Whether in paint or décor the green renaissance will be in full swing. Craving a sense of calm in your home, achieve it by incorporating neutral, soft shades of green.