The immense cultural heritage embodied in Nunc’s collection has been our main drive over the years to start translating from the then to the now. Our roots lie in solid wood and wood-based board furniture of the Ancona Group and its 20-year legacy, combining the traditional woodworking craft with sophisticated industrial production.
Nunc’s design language was shaped by merging the diverse cultures present in the region’s legacy, from the Central European and Mediterranean cultural heritage all the way to the elements of the Ottoman tradition. The vast plains of Slavonia, Croatia’s bountiful region engulfed by the Danube, Drava and Sava rivers, are the source of our inspiration and creation. Water is the element that makes the land generously flourish, and this dual nature of the landscape cultivates genuine kindness in its people, a rare feature which makes you feel you’re in an analog nowness.
Nunc is a vision of inevitable progress, inspired by both the ornamental tradition and the rural context. Through our designs, we translate its values into playful minimalistic furniture, transferring its meaning into urban spaces. The collection’s character portrays the contrast between rational and geometric form softened by the materials, warm pastels and textures. These reflect the identity of Nunc’s geographical, natural environment, home to the well-known Slavonian oak. The products’ names communicate the character of their designs, and this is supported by the Slavonia region’s typical vocabulary combining Croatian, Serbian, German, Hungarian and Turkish words into an imaginarium of the ancient lifestyle, with sounds and letters solely unique to this specific area. The editorial follows and captures the spirit of the everyday, where the borders of the rural interior and the abundant exterior fade away, alongside the grandiose architecture of the local manor houses.