Avoid these Interior Design No-Nos

Has anyone ever told you about what not to do when you begin your interior design makeovers? Materials are endless as well as what colors to pick and what furniture to buy.

Here is a checklist of 9 interior design things you should avoid making.

Don’t paint first

Pick everything else in your room before you pick your paint and do so without a question. It is much harder to find upholstery or fabric to match a particular color than it is to find a color for your walls. You can find any color imaginable for walls, so it makes sense to pick everything else before.

Don’t force colors to match in your room

Widen your horizons by choosing a color family. Just because you have a green patterned sofa, it doesn’t mean that it will match with any green striped curtains. Consider your paint color when coordinating all the elements together, identify your major room décor or pieces of furniture first.

Don’t create barriers

Don’t put a coffee table in an area where people walk through frequently – that way you create barriers that weren’t there in the first place. It even makes your room more dangerous which is something you don’t want to do.

Avoid tiny pictures on large walls

Small pictures on large walls are a great way to make a room feel awkward; that is not a compliment. Select pictures that are proportional to organized clusters or wall space. It is easy to fall in love with a picture, but you should think about how it will fit in.

Don’t forget your theme

Remember to have a consistent theme to run throughout your house. You want your room to match the house, not to match all the things in one room. Think about how the style can flow with both the interior and exterior of your house – keep that also in mind when deciding on how to decorate or decorate a room.

Don’t settle

If it doesn’t look good chances are that it doesn’t belong in the room. You shouldn’t keep a piece of furniture just because you think you should, or because it was expensive. Your whole room’s vibe could be off because of one piece.

Don’t build a furniture wall

Split the room and arrange the furniture accordingly within the areas to create a separate space instead of positioning your furniture to go around the walls in the room. That way you evoke an intimate feeling in comparison to an otherwise vast space.

Don’t forget the little things

Thinking like an interior designer requires thinking with a lot of detail. Plan little things that can help tie your entire interior design scheme together instead of describing main features like which sofa sets you should get or what color to paint your walls.

Don’t get hung up on tends

You shouldn’t design your room by fickle fashion fads, design you the way you want it. It is okay to go your own way.