Brown color taking over interiors in 2022, why?

How different shades affect our emotional being is being acknowledged through color psychology. According to it, humans feel a sense of security and safety when surrounded by brown. It is because of its association with the earth; the resilient and calming element, that literally keeps us grounded.

Brown is seeing a massive resurgence in interior design and home décor, which is not a surprise considering two whole years of pandemic uncertainty.

Whether it’s organic brown linen for a family room sofa or a rich chocolate silk velvet bergère for a living room everyone wants to feel close and comforted by the earth.

The rise of warm minimalism is another factor contributing to Brown’s appeal. Too often, minimalism or interior art of simplicity in color and form has been interpreted as all-white: white accents, white couches, white walls. Beautiful yet stark, the pandemic made everyone sit at home staring at their walls, and the monochromatic aesthetic was the last thing many of us wanted.

A color that’s comforting yet can still fit within a pared-down, neutral palette beloved by minimalist devotees. People nowadays look for old neutral. Shades of brown bring out warmth, calm, and earthiness and create a timeless and grounding feeling.

All shades of brown are back, from elegant caramels to deep rich chocolates for both curtains and upholstery or walls. What is also great is that they go with everything from jewel tones to primary colors and other neutrals. It is a perfect color for those who fall somewhere in the middle of the design styles because it provides a lovely compliment and base for other pops of color in a space.

Where did the brown come from? Look at the 1970s, a period of social upheaval – people wanted their homes to be comfortable and warm. The seventies are on trend in design and there comes the brown.

Unlike some interior design trends, designers’ predictions for the brown color are that it is here to stay. It is one of those colors that will always be back.