Furniture arranging mistakes commonly made

As hard it can be to buy furniture for your dream home, it can even be harder to arrange them. Nothing worse is when you put effort and thought into something that just doesn’t feel right. A lot of layouts can be awkward to style, especially if you’re just moving in or even if you want to change things up because you’re bored.

Here are the most common furniture arranging mistakes you can make.

Too much furniture

Cluttering the space is the biggest mistake everyone makes. When it comes to furniture less is more, you wouldn’t want to make the space feel small. Try to keep good circulation, the layout of your home should never feel cramped. You need enough space to freely move around. Make sure what you buy has multiple purposes, so you ensure you don’t overbuy.

Wallflower syndrome

Pushing all the furniture against the wall is another common mistake, one referred to as wallflower syndrome. You should try and bring in furniture forward to create a floating seating area that way you won’t have to scream across the room for your guess to hear you. Placing your sofas against the wall may feel bigger, but it’ll just look awkward.

If it is bothering you that much, try adding floor–length paintings or houseplants to fill up the space.

Wrong furniture scale

Consider the scale of your home and the layout of the space before going out to get new furniture. Don’t overcrowd your space and make sure that your furniture is up to the scale of your room. Allow space for your home, particularly smaller homes. Don’t overwhelm your space with big pieces, but they shouldn’t be too small either.

Disrupting traffic flow

Avoid disrupting the flow of your space, the same concept as feng shui. A good rule of thumb is to keep commonly walked paths comfortably clear, which means keeping 3 feet of open space between pieces of furniture. Good circulation provides easy navigation throughout your home.

Uninspired view

It is always easier to arrange furniture if you have a focal point. For instance – a window, a television, or an entrance frame. If the furniture is facing an uninspired view, the layout would be awkward. Try fixing a blank wall if it’s unavoidable with a bookcase or adding an art piece to it. Try turning a wall into a mural and make it interesting.

Don’t stress yourself out – moving and arranging furniture can be overwhelming, but the results can be astonishing.