Modular table ALA won a prestigious German Design Award

Once again we have managed to impress the international jury and proved quality of our products. Our modular table ALA won another award – this time it is one of the most prestigious awards that a brand can win – German Design Aword.
The German Design Awards is one of the most famous international design awards. The awards are given only to projects that truly represent a pioneering contribution to international design, and this is guaranteed by highly regarded international experts who make up the jury. The German Design Awards reveals, recognizes and presents unique design trends.
Nunc won this prestigious award in the furniture category with his modular  ALA. Design studio RU:T (Tvrtko Bojić, Karla Paliska) and Nataša Njegovanović are responsible for the design of the ALA table. The sliding plates of this modular table break up the traditional, archetypal volume of the plate, using storage modules inserted between the table plates. Fully adjustable in width and ready to change shape and character in an instant, Ala is ideal for intimate and larger gatherings.
Jury statement: “The concept of a table with movable upper elements is original and useful. As a result, it is really easy to achieve a visual separation of groups of two, four or six. A simple principle that is perfectly expressed due to the recognizable architecture of the entire table design.”