Aman Taman cabinet

Aman Taman

Aman Taman, meaning a perfect fit, is truly a perfect fit cabinet for every space. Composed of two sleek and flexible cubical segments, it effortlessly adapts to any given space. Changing Aman Taman’s proportions is as straightforward as pulling out the lower segment, therefore providing the effect of tailor-made furniture. The cabinet’s strong personality flawlessly integrates not only in homes but in work and public spaces as well.
Together with Duja, its predecessor cabinet, the Aman Taman explores the contemporary relationships of objects and spaces.
Studio RU:T is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Zagreb, Croatia by Tvrtko Bojić and Karla Paliska, who have been working together since 2015. They specialize in product and industrial design, visual communications, spatial concepts and interventions. In their work they focus on practical and sustainable solutions as well as experiments that question the concepts of living. They regularly exhibit at domestic and international exhibitions.
MDF, matt lacquered

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