The admirable combination has finally come to life, and you can see it until November 2023.


On Friday, June 2, 2023. we had the first exhibition of the project supporting young artists, held in the Nunc showroom, Ilica 168a Zagreb. With this project, as brand Nunc we want to reach out to young and promising artists in the Republic of Croatia and provide them with support in the form of a showroom as a free exhibition space.


The whole story of our brand originates from Slavonia, from the materials used to the very names of the products and company policy. Since we oriented the entire business to collaboration with furniture designers, we came up with the idea to expand our story and develop partnerships with artists. And just like that, a project which we witnessed last Friday developed.


The young and successful artist Diana Trohar was the first to exhibit her work and announce this project. Diana is a young artist from Zagreb who has so far had the opportunity to present her work to the public at around twenty domestic and several international exhibits. She actively participates in all major regional art fairs and is part of the local art scene. In Nunc, she exhibited some of her favorite works, which fit perfectly into the showroom setting.

The opening of this exhibition was visited by around 70 people of various profiles, from random passers-by to Dijana’s fellow artists and business partners of the Nunc brand, which we see as an exceptional success considering that it is the first exhibition we have carried out.

This perfect combination of Nunc and Diana will be available to visitors until November 2023, and we invite you all to visit this exhibition and enjoy the harmony of Nunc products and Diana’s works.