Sfumato won a prestigious A’Design Platinum Award

After winning twelve awards and recognitions for our products, once again we have managed to impress the international jury and proved quality of our products. This time our product, shelving system Sfumato, was awarded with Platinum A’Design Award. It was recognized as the best in “Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design” category for 2019/20.
The dynamic outline of the shelf system evokes with the skyline of an urban landscape – spacious and massive at the bottom, broken and fragmented at the top, by the dynamics of the vertical “dance” the shelf, dynamizes, usually monotonous, structures of typical shelf. By combining the modules, different configurations and dimensions are achieved and Sfumato is thus adapted to the purpose and space of the user, whoever he may be. Sfumato is freestanding or wall modular ecosystem for smaller items, the ones you want to expose and the ones you want to hide, whether by playing with shadows or with closed doors. Although primarily intended for business and office spaces, Sfumato with its playful appearance can find its position in both private and public dining areas.
Collaboration with Filter, the most award-winning architecture and design studio in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is responsible for this success and product placement. The studio consists of Nedim Mutevelić, Kenan Vatrenjak, Asmir Mutevelić, Vedad Islambegović and Ibrica Jasarević, who have already won numerous awards for their work in architecture and design.
So far, the Nunc Collection, with its products reflecting local heritage, has proven to be an extremely successful brand in the context of innovation and identity. Bearing in mind the overall context in which Nunc is developing, Slavonia as a source of inspiration, young regional designers who bring new energy and ideas, and the added value of curating creative director Nikola Radeljković of Numen / ForUse, this award does not come as surprise, but another proof that Nunc is creating a new story of Croatian design and production.