The latest key colors to use this year – Color trends 2022

These latest color trends will set the tone for the rest of your scheme in 2022 – from dusty pink to earthy yellow.

Understanding color lies at the root of all interior design decisions, even in doubt, consulting with the color wheel will help. Basic color theory will ensure your decorating scheme is soothing and flowing effectively from room to room.

Inspire optimism with a bold color choice

Look beyond the nostalgic toes of the past year and be attracted to colors that are full of excitement yet familiar. You can use uncomplicated colors that are full of memories and more homely.

Pair orange with pink for a harmonious scheme

Larger homes can take a looser palette; in smaller homes; it’s best to keep the colors more concise. Scale also really drives how diverse you can be with color pairings, find three colors that harmonize, and use them as a common thread for continuity.

Nude, orangey tones and old rose pink are a combination of dull shades that create a calm but sumptuous aesthetic. A pleasing visual sense can be created by using pastel lilac with whistle green and soft amber.

Rethink color combinations

A playful reverse color combination adds freshness to the warm room. To frame the fabric, and to create a sense of harmony, a solid orange trim on the curtains and cushions will help.

Introduce vintage yellows

It’s considered as a color i.e., the shade of joy and optimism; after global turbulence of the past year, it comes as a little surprise that yellow is decorating’s color du jour.

The right shade can have surprising longevity and add richness to more traditional schemes – which makes it so much more than a flash in a pan. More and more we are embracing stronger shades when decorating our homes. Found on the color wheel, they include a range of hues from reds and pinks to oranges and yellows. There is so much research into how colors affect our mood.

Yellow rooms inspire optimism and create a summery feel, to form a modern look pair it with black and charcoal.

Revel in muddy greens

There’s a mind-boggling array of shades to pick from. The past year has strengthened our connection with the outdoors and elevated green to the decorating color of choice, a color that makes us feel positive.

Go for a grounding neutral scheme

The trend for dark shades in the kitchen shows no signs of waning. Contrasting deep gray or black with white is the most effective way to create impact in a predominantly white kitchen but vary the proportions.

A 50/50 split could feel cold; instead, pair dark cabinets with marble and another vital ingredient; texture. There’s plenty of debate as to how to define ‘neutral’ colors. The first thing that pops into the mind is tones such as white, beige, gray, ivory, and khaki that don’t appear on the color wheel.

Create calm with blues

Soft blue has always been popular in the world of interiors. For more contemporary edge earthy shades like terracotta and rust go great with blue hues. If it’s a more natural home pair the blue with other pastels such as delicate pink and barely-there lemon.

Use deep tans to spice up your space

With a palette of tan browns, caramel tones, and warm taupes the return of the seventies has been one of the most influential interior trends.

Decorate with white on white

The simplest of colors. It can be one of the trickiest colors to get right and it’s often a real quest.

Go for earthy browns

Often underplayed, but the nuances of brown show how complex and interesting the shades can be.

Brown: it was the color of the seventies in both interiors and fashion. Could it be coming back to rival the place of gray in our paint schemes?

Earthy hues are enjoying a resurgence on both furniture and walls.

What will be the color of 2022?

Color of the Year celebrates the two most popular tones of the season. A color that merges gray and green hues, which follows a chain of subtle neutrals and vibrant jeweled paints aptly named Evergreen Fog.