Translating ornamental tradition into playful minimalistic design

– NUNC presents its first collection at the Imm Cologne 2019 –

2019, January 13 – The Croatian design brand NUNC is kicking off 2019 at the Imm Cologne (Germany) with its first and versatile collection, which translates ornamental tradition into playful minimalistic design. The collection character portrays the contrast of rational and geometrical form softened by the materials, warm pastels and textures. These reflect the identity of NUNC’s geographical natural environment, the homeland of the well-known Slavonian Oak.
The collection consists of the KIER dressing table, bed & hanger (design: Natasa Njegovanovic), BOLTA chair (design: Regular Company), RUVO semi-chair (design: Vladimir Madunic), ALA modular table & COT barstool (design: RU:T & Natasa Njegovanovic), SFUMATO shelf system (design: Filter), DUJA cabinet (design: RU:T), TARABA wooden room divider (design: Katerina Trpovska) and the EHO mirror series (Lea Aviani).
NUNC’s product’s strategist and the collection’s curator is renowned international designer Nikola Radeljkovic from Numen/ForUse, whose intention was to activate the potential of young designers from Croatia and the surrounding areas. Nunc’s design language was developed by merging the diverse cultures present in the regional legacy – from Central European and Mediterranean cultural heritage to elements of Ottoman tradition. Seven individual and groups of designers have expressed this rich cultural capital for NUNC through different materials, minimalistic aesthetics and playful product character.
NUNC’s roots lie in solid wood and wood-based boards furniture of the 18-year-old Ancona Group, harnessing its traditional woodworking craft combined with sophisticated industrial production. The brand’s headquarters and production facilities are based in the town of Djakovo, in the Slavonia region of Croatia – home to the famous FSC certified Slavonian oak.
NUNC (meaning “now”) interprets the tradition and culture of everyday life, and the traditional design of utilitarian items, in contemporary language, which results in timeless aesthetics of the simplicity that is present in every “now”. Even the products’ name reflect their design’s character, and this is supported by the typical vocabulary of the Slavonia region that combines Croatian, Serbian, German, Hungarian and Turkish words into an imaginarium of the ancient lifestyle, sound and letters, typical only for this area.
NUNC is presenting its collection at the Imm Cologne (Germany), January 14 – 20 / Hall 10.1, Stand A-071.